Halloween 2009

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Halloween 2009

Post by Wonko the Sane on Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:24 pm

There's some strange things going on at the server this week... If you're feeling brave enough, try one of our special blood-soaked Halloween cookies from the Halloween cookie dispenser, or bake a braaaaaainnnss!! pie for everybody in the Halloween oven!

Also, I think the server's been overrun by zombies! Grab your proton packs, wooden stakes, garlic, and holy water!! Or just hide under your covers until it all blows over... Zombie

I'm doing my best to keep the zombies at bay but, meanwhile, the ghouls are getting into the system and causing all kinds of glitches!! There may be a lot of instability problems growing worse as the week progresses. Let's hope they don't break anything important!

Check out the Official School of Cake Halloween 2009 Thread!!

Also, make sure you download the Zombie Skinpack to see all the zombies!

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