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Media of the decade

Post by Cap'nJackSparrow on Mon Jan 11, 2010 4:51 pm

Well, 2010 is here (and going OK so far), and that means we've left the 2000's behind. So, what do you think was the best media of the 2000's? I think I can split this into 4 categories:

- Best TV show of the decade
- Best film of the decade
- Best game fo the decade
- Best single of the decade

Here's my opinions:

Best TV show

So much choice here! The 2000's produced a lot of good TV, from the groundbreaking drama of Heroes and The Wire in the US, to some of Britain's own offerings, e.g. the revamped Doctor Who. For me, the TV of the decade has to go to CSI:Las Vegas. It started in 2000, and is still going strong. Season 10 starts here in the UK tomorrow night, and Season 6 of CSI:NY also started here on Saturday. But the original is the best, just simply because it works so well with what it does. Yes, Bones is a more humerous, and likable, version of CSI, but if you watch an entire season of CSI, back to front, I know you won't be disappointed.

Film of the decade

Again, choices! Avatar is clearly a contender, as is Gladiator, Star Trek XI, Shaun of the Dead and so many others. If I have to pick a winner, I'm going to split it between The Dark Knight and Casino Royale. The Dark Knight rewrote the superhero genre so effectively, that I hope anyone who makes a superhero movie in the future uses it as reference. Casino Royale rewrote the James Bond franchise, something which many didn't believe could happen. Take James Bond, strip him back to just himself vs. the bad guys, no gadgets, no gizmos, and you get a rawer, but better Bond. Yes, Quantum of Solace was a slight disappointment against the high standards of Casino Royale, but it carried on its predecessors ideas well.

Game of the decade

Phew. This could be controversial. There's... thousands that I could pick. I'm discrediting obvious choices, e.g. Modern Warfares 1 and 2 and JKA/II. It's not on the PC either (shock, horror!) Again, I'm going to split this award (cop out, I know) between the Kingdom Hearts franchise and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, for totally different reasons. The Kingdom Hearts franchise looks strange on the outside: Disney meets Final Fantasy meets Action meets RPG? Ignoring it because of that, however, would be a big mistake. The story behind the games is amazing. Seriously, the plot of the games, how it all weaves together, and how they're keeping you entertained with this story is simply awesome. It's the story that games ought to be based on, and this leads by example. Super Smash Bros. Brawl gets the other side, just for being innovative. OK, it's just improving on the previous games, but behind that facade, is a veritable treasure trove of innovation. It took a standard beat 'em up, and turned it on its head. You want randomnly impossible attacks? Check. You want devastating attacks that make you go "Wow!"? Check. You want to kick your mates ass, even though he lives in China? Check. They thought of everything. And still made it fun.

Single of the decade

OK, I've not been seriously into music for long, I'll admit. Not till I got my first MP3 player a couple of years back. But, I think I can still give a good idea of the single of the decade. For me, it has to be 21 Guns by Green Day. Only released this year, I know, but it's the jewel in 21st Century Breakdown's ample crown. The sound, the track behind it, the lyrics. It's just... amazing. My skin crawls most of the time I hear it. Green Day were an "Eh, they're OK" band for me before 21st Century Breakdown, and now they're just simply awesome, especially because of 21 Guns.

Ok, that's my breakdown. I'm gonna mention a couple of extras, or notables:

Being Human- British TV, Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Blood, Gore and Sex? Together? Yes, and it works. If anyone has iPlayer, I implore you to check this out.

Hot Fuzz- The film that made me want to see Simon Pegg in all the other films I see.

So, peoples own opinions then! I expect Wonko and Ice to have discertations on this lot, but hey, anyone else with opinions, feel free to say them.

Things are going to get ugly... Pirate ugly...


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Re: Media of the decade

Post by blivvy on Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:13 pm

Ok these are all going to be hard cause there are so many to choose from.

Tv Show: Prison Break

Film: Avatar

Game: Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition

Single: 44 Minutes - Megadeth


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Re: Media of the decade

Post by mr taco on Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:09 am

anything scene kids dont like
mr taco
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Re: Media of the decade

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