Important Downloads (JK3)

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Important Downloads (JK3)

Post by Wonko the Sane on Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:44 pm

JK3 Downloads

R.I.P. jk2files/jk3files/filefront. This list has been updated with new, working links.
Thanks to BuZz for the help finding all the new links.
The name of the filefront mirror site used in these links is entirely coincidental and is not affiliated with us.


  1. Christmas in WhoVille

  2. Battlefront Yavin with ATST

  3. JA Bonus Maps

  4. Boonta Eve Tatooine Pod Race JKR Speedway

  5. Coruscant Speedway

  6. SJC's Episode III - Mustafar Duel/FFA

  7. Far Cry of the Jedi

  8. Taspir: Clan Edition

  9. Country Academy JA

  10. Wanders of the Vanquished 2

  11. Helm's Deep V2

  12. Jedi Council GCX (1.0) - Jedi Council GCX - 2010 (3.0) - Jedi Council GCX - 2010 (Final)

  13. Jedi's Home JL

  14. Jedi's Home JL II

  15. SJC's Kamino

  16. Kashyyyk

  17. KOTOR Flight School

  18. Rome Arena

  19. Seige Star Destroyer

  20. Sith-J-Cull's Falcon

  21. The Academy: Version 2

  22. The Academy v3

  23. Jedi Hotel V2 **** Sith Council V2 is also Required to Fix Missing Textures

  24. Arevass

  25. BlueIce Twilight

  26. Mos Eisely Trap

  27. Chateau Noir

  28. Mos Espa Outskirts v2 FIXED

  29. SJC's Tatooine Scum and Wampas

  30. Jedi Pyramid 2

  31. Shroom's Deathstar

  32. DoA Flight Arena

  33. Deathstar Trench v2.0

  34. Droid Ball

  35. Jedi Enclave v2 - KOTOR

  36. The Giant's House

  37. Academy 1.2

  38. SJC's Boba Fett's Hideout

  39. Rancor Spaceport

  40. SJC's Naboo - Streets of Theed

  41. SJC's Padme's Home

  42. SJC's Jurancor Park

  43. Bespin Fight Club 2

  44. Playground

  45. SJC's Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 1

  46. SJC's Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 2

  47. SJC's Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 3

  48. SJC Movie Academy

  49. Sith-J's Mygeeto FFA/CTF

  50. Sith-J Christmas Map FFA

  51. SJC - Mos Kreetle

  52. Taris RP

  53. SJC - Naboo Crystal Sanctuary

  54. SJC The Palace of Jabba the Hutt - Map Pack (Daytime - Sunset)

  55. Naboo Hills 2.1

  56. Taspir Power Complex V3

  57. MMG-Hoth

  58. Endor and More

  59. Siren's Enclave

  60. Final Fantasy VII - Midgar (v3.0)

  61. Star Wars Episode 1: Duel Of The Fates v3

  62. Frozen Temple

  63. BlueIce Nightfall

  64. Grand Jedi Skills: Inner City Stories

  65. Atlantica

Patches & Plugins

  1. Jedi Knight Academy v1.01 Patch

  2. Clanmod Clientside Plugin

Simply click on the link you wish to download and it will either prompt you for the download or take you to an off-site link that has the file.

If you are unable to find the file you're looking for, try loking for it here: Filefront (BROKEN) Filefront Mirror Site.  If you still can't find it, post a request in the Downloads Forum.  Note: These links go to third party sites and may occasionally change or stop working in the interest of the third party website provider or map/skin/mod developer(s).

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Re: Important Downloads (JK3)

Post by Loki on Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:09 pm

Updated the links since isn't active anymore.
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Re: Important Downloads (JK3)

Post by Theicecreaman on Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:37 pm

Oh thanks dude you're the best!

Click here.
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Re: Important Downloads (JK3)

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