The Forum And You

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The Forum And You

Post by Theicecreaman on Tue May 26, 2009 1:08 pm

The Forum And You

Every member of this discussion board has a responsibility; A responsibility not Hindered by the administrators and moderators, but rather supported by them. We try our best to maintain the School Of Cake forum effectively, and we ascertain what needs to be ascertained, moderate what needs to be moderated, censor what needs to be censored, and succor all members to the best of our abilities. Before continuing on reading this announcement, I encourage you, guest or member alike, to read the Forumotion terms of service. (terms of service)

Do not think that your actions on the Forumotion chatbox, threads, or private messages are unrestricted. We do not simply encourage you to post thoughtful, insightful, and useful messages, but rather demand you to refrain from creating spam messages, threads, or private messages. The only exceptions to this enacted regulation are threads created by an administrator or moderator that are designed for distinctive purposes.

Another consequential topic we'd like discussed are double-posting, triple-posting, and so on. These are defined as posting more than one replies to a thread although this is disallowed by the terms of service you agreed upon while registering. These messages can, and will be deleted if you have a history of double-posting. You will be warned if you double-post and either an administrator or moderator will edit your posts. Please remember to use the "edit" button if you wish to add more to a reply. An example of appropriate usage of the edit button is adding a picture to your previous post.

Keep in mind that "lurked" posts will also be disallowed by decree of the board of trustees. These posts are posts that simply state phrases that attempt to intimidate others by saying "lurked." These messages are useless, and they will be deleted or edited into a previous post. As Nikita Khrushchev famously said, "Whether you like it or not, we will bury you!" Wonko and I will indeed chastise "lurked" posts!

Thank you and have a nice day,
Theicecreaman and the administrative staff.

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