Allyope! #1

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Allyope! #1

Post by Da Llama on Mon May 25, 2009 9:03 pm

Welcome to Allyope!'s 1st episode,
Live, We see a cheeseburger with fries doing a robbery. Who ya gonna call??
The security.
Today, First smilie discovered was found! Here is footage!
And last but now least, Special of the day!
Duck VS Lizard, Whos gonna win? Lets find out!
Duck does a red stance attack, But lizard is too quick!
They both do the red stance special attack! The result is...
Lizard has defeated duck with (0/0).
Looks like lizard struck duck first!
Thats all, Folks! Tune in next time!

P.S I'm battling against Joke of the week and Whats in the oven. Very Happy

Da Llama
Recovering Spammer (Stage 42)
Recovering Spammer (Stage 42)

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