[MA] Recruiting?

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[MA] Recruiting?

Post by BuZz on Sun Jun 12, 2016 4:31 am

My past posts have asked what clan tags you guys use/used. I always did MM for some reason, Marsh Mallow. But it's Marshmallow Academy. I like MA so much more, now that things click in my head. It sounds much more... elegant. I've been playing here and there and I don't know if it's people trolling but there are a few "Padawans" and I've been urging them to get the jk2mv, (which is new to me, i just stayed 1.04 back then,) and to get the custom maps. Steam coming through with their specials, more and more, (at the same time, less and less.) I want to recruit some peopleheads. As of thirty-three minutes and forty-four seconds ago, (give or take an hour or two, week or two, year or two.) I wanted to start calling myself MA Recruiting. I feel like we need more people who appreciate the time spent to make the game better; be it custom maps, glitch fixes or something as menial as telling Padawan(3) that /qui gon jinn is not god mode. I enjoy everyone who gets on and plays, daily or every-now-and-then. I miss you, Jedi.
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Re: [MA] Recruiting?

Post by Theicecreaman on Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:18 pm

Our group is just a community, not a clan.  Some people did used to wear school tags, but it isn't required since we're just a bunch of pastry-baking, trouble-making folk with an arsenal of cookies, cookies, and more cookies!

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