Important Downloads (JK2)

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Important Downloads (JK2)

Post by Theicecreaman on Sat Feb 21, 2009 9:39 am

JK2 Downloads

R.I.P. jk2files/jk3files/filefront. This list has been updated with new, working links.
Thanks to BuZz for the help finding all the new links.
The name of the filefront mirror site used in these links is entirely coincidental and is not affiliated with us.


  1. ShroomDuck Inc. Map Pack v2 (ShroomDuckINC_MapPack.pk3)

  2. They Might Be Jedi (ffa_tmbj.pk3)

  3. Forbidden Twilight (twilight.pk3)

  4. ENTE's PadPack (padhall.pk3, padhangar.pk3, padreactor.pk3, padtemple.pk3)

  5. PadStation (padstation.pk3)

  6. Hail the Boognish (boognish.pk3)

  7. Hail the Boognish 2 (ffa_boognish2.pk3)

  8. Country Roads (country.pk3)

  9. Country Roads 2 (ffa_country2.pk3)

  10. Country Academy (countryacademy.pk3)

  11. Saturday Night Force (saturday.pk3)

  12. Storybook Love (storybook.pk3)

  13. Otoh Gunga - Gungan City (otohgunga.pk3)

  14. Wanders of the Vanquished Jedi (ffa_wov.pk3)

  15. Griffinclaw's Jedi Council GC (jedicouncilgc.pk3)

  16. LiCk Me (lickme.pk3)

  17. Little Italy (little_italy.pk3)

  18. Matrix Dojo (matrix_dojo.pk3)

  19. Matrix Reloaded (ffa_matrix_reloaded.pk3)

  20. Kaminoan Landing Platform (duel_kaminoan.pk3)

  21. Yavin RPG Final (yavinrpg.pk3)

  22. Bespin Fight Club (ffa_bespinfc.pk3)

  23. Yavin Christmas (yavin_christmas.pk3)

  24. Syobon Pro (syobon.pk3)

  25. Sirhc's Bowling (sirhcsbowling.pk3)

  26. IF Bespin (if_bespin.pk3)

  27. Naboo City (ffa_naboocity1.pk3)

  28. CloudShark (ffa_cloudshark.pk3)

  29. Bespin Ruins v6 (bespin_ruins_v6trial.pk3)

  30. Trial Pit 2 (trial_pit2.pk3)

  31. Bespin Christmas (bespinchristmas.pk3)

  32. CTF Destroyer (ctf_destroyer.pk3)

  33. Kashyyyk Tree Canopy (ctf_forest.pk3)

  34. The Hangout v2 (ffa_thehangoutv2.pk3)

  35. Exploration v2 (exploration2.pk3)

  36. IKBR Headquarters (ikbr_headquarters.pk3)

  37. Council Room Duel (councilroom2.pk3)

  38. The Old West (v2) (oldwest_v2.pk3)

  39. New Age Sith Temple (newage_sithtemple.pk3)

  40. Quadrion (quadrion.pk3)

  41. (>XT<) Clan Map (3.0) (xt clan map v3.pk3)

  42. Cookie Classroom (cookieclassroom.pk3)

  43. Obli Home (obli_home.pk3)

  44. Skye Temple (skye_temple.pk3)

  45. GR Offices Beta (groffices_rc_beta.pk3)

  46. FFA Helms Deep (ffa_helms_deep.pk3)

  47. ffa_dream (^4ff^5a_^7dr^5ea^4m.pk3.pk3)

  48. Heeding the Sunset (ffa_hts.pk3)

  49. Trade Federation Droid Control Ship (tradefed.pk3)

  50. Duel of the Fates 2.0 (dotf.pk3)

  51. Y-Mountain (y-mountain.pk3)

  52. Jumpextreme 2.0 (jumpxtreme2.pk3)

  53. RacecaR's Bombplay (bombplayv2.pk3)

  54. Blivvy's Deathstar Duel (duel_deathstar.pk3)

  55. Dexster's Diner (dexstersdiner.pk3)

  56. The Time Machine (timemachine.pk3)

  57. Mad Council Clan Training (mcctraining.pk3)

  58. Mad Council Clan Village (mccvillage.pk3)

  59. Coruscant Temple(corusant temple.pk3)

  60. Bushido Pack (bushido pack - maps.pk3)

  61. Gully of the Mist (gotemmjaz.pk3)

  62. Christmas in Whoville (christmas_final.pk3)

  63. Tal Erulanei (ffa_talerulanei.pk3)

  64. RPG Commenor (rpg_commenor.pk3)

  65. XYZ (xyz.pk3)

  66. Rats (rats.pk3)

  67. Snow and Ice (snowandice.pk3)

  68. Chapel of the Ysalamiri (chapel.pk3)

  69. Chicago Streets (chicago streets.pk3)

  70. A Mountain (a-mountain.pk3)

  71. Talon Jedi Academy (talonjediacademy.pk3)

  72. RacetracK (racetrack.pk3)

  73. Neo Tokyo (neotokyo_jk2.pk3)

  74. BingStation (bingstation.pk3)

  75. Forest House (forest_house.pk3)

  76. Hyrule Town (hyrule_town.pk3)

  77. Big Boo's Haunt (bigbooshaunt.pk3)

  78. Cool Cool Mountain (ffa_celshadeccm.pk3)

  79. Mos Eisley Cantina (ffa_cantina.pk3)

  80. Tatooine Outpost 2.0 (Tatooine_Outpost_2_0.pk3)

  81. Down the Rabbit Hole (downtherabbithole.pk3)

    The following maps require you to set your hunkmegs to 128mb before playing.  To do this, launch jk2 and, before joining any server, type "/com_hunkmegs 128" in the console.  Then, connect to the server and type it in your console again (you have to do this twice because the DS-Online mod uses its own config)  Finally, quit jk2 completely and re-launch it.  You should now be able to play on these maps:

  82. Grand Flawv2 (grflawv2.pk3)

  83. Flaw Innercity  (jk2_innercity.pk3)

  84. DMF Clanbase (V2) (ffa_dmf_v2.pk3)

  85. Carbon Freeze II (ffa_carbonfreeze2.pk3)

  86. Expedition v1.02  Expedition v1.03  Expedition v1.04  Expedition v1.05  Expedition v1.06 (expedition.pk3)

Basejk Map Source Files (originally published here:


Hydroball Maps:

  1. Handball (handball.pk3)

  2. HydroBotBall (hydrobotball.pk3)


  1. Theicecreaman's Skin

  2. Death's Skin
  3. Juheti's Skin
  4. Bond Skin
  5. Bulwa's Skin(Skyron)
  6. Llama's Skin
  7. UNO's Skin
  8. CrazY's Skin
  9. Tman's Skin(Hoodlum)
  10. Oblivion's GR Skin Pack
  11. Oblivion's Skin Pack
  12. Ca Skin Pack
  13. Reborn Knight
  14. ShroomDuck Inc Skin Pack
  15. Zombie Skin Pack
  16. Zombie Rodian

Patches & Plugins

  1. JK2MV (Multi Version)

  2. Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast 1.04 Patch

  3. DS-Online Clientside

  4. Hydroball (Installation Instructions)

  5. Hydroball Patch

  6. Turret Fix

  7. sp_maps_voting.pk3

Simply click on the link you wish to download and it will either prompt you for the download or take you to an off-site link that has the file.  If you cannot open files with the .rar format, you can download 7zip, a free and open-source software that will let you open it.  

If you are unable to find the file you're looking for, try loking for it here: Filefront (BROKEN) Filefront Mirror Site or this random list of JK stuff.  If you still can't find it, post a request in the Downloads Forum.  Note: These links go to third party sites and may occasionally change or stop working in the interest of the third party website provider or map/skin/mod developer(s).

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