New game to watch for: 2gd ep04

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New game to watch for: 2gd ep04

Post by Acrobat on Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:47 pm

Most of the new FPS games suck because...well quake 3 is always better than the new ones. These guys are trying to make a new game with movement much like quake 3.

They replicated the quake 3 engine 100% prior to starting the design of this. Sounds like an awesome project

James '2Gd' Harding has revealed that his new game Reborn is already a month in production. 2GD is leading the development which has its headquarters said to be in Stockholm, Sweden. The game, "Reborn" has a developer team consisting of former Quake pros, and has been tested in it's early stage by the quake player "Fox".

2GD has also revealed in the Real Talk episode he did with JP McDaniel, that he has been thinking about this project for quite some time, and also lists different people who he wants involved in the project.

Some features that has been revealed is that you can purchase maps, which will be good for the community, and will perhaps generate a wider aray of quality maps. There will also be sponsor friendly features, where for instance teams can put their logo on the players, giving teams more exposure.

2GD has posted on the website where he talks about his seriousness and about how he wants community pressure, so that he won't just quit it after a short period of time and mentions the first sneak peek should come in 3-6 months time, and is said to be Quake like.

In the interview they even mention strafing in that it's a problem because new players get overwhelmed without having 2 years of practice at it so they are considering simplifying it some how.

Not sure how that would work.


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